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Michelle Knows Antiques is a great way to find the value of your antiques. Submit your antique for appraisal on our easy to use form. Here is a recent appraisal from Michelle’s column in Discover Vintage America:

Q: We found a very large book from our great-great-grandfather. It is shrink wrapped for protection so we don’t want to unwrap it yet but we can read this on the outside binding of the book “The Spokesman Review Daily November 1912.” The book is about two feet in length and about 1 1/2 feet wide. It is a hardcover nicely bound book. We are curious if this has any historical value?

A: You have a bound volume of the newspapers for the month of November 1912 from the newspaper in Spokane, WA called “The Sportsman Review.” The newspaper is still in operation. Some of the bound newspapers contain only the important news of the day but most contain the entire paper for each day it was printed.

These were for use in a library or a means for the newspaper to store back issues of the publication. As technology has progressed and additional storage space was required, these bound volumes were thrown away or given to anyone who was interested in them.

As for value, this is largely based on the historic content. For the month and year of your bound papers, the woman’s suffrage movement was gaining ground around the country. Woodrow Wilson was elected president, Jim Thorpe was playing football as was future President Eisenhower. You can check Wikipedia to see the events for that period of time.

It would be okay to unwrap the volume and actually it would prolong the life of the paper if it had air circulation. Old newsprint is pretty stable just be careful in how you handle the volume and I would recommend storing it by keeping it flat.

The value for your particular bound volume of newspapers is $20-$30 per volume.

If it were from a larger newspaper or contained some significant historic events the price would be greater.

** The photo shown was not provided by the person who asked the question it is from a friend’s collection of bound newspaper volumes.

note – All prices given are for sale in a private sale, antique shop or other resale outlet. Price is also dependent upon the geographic area in which you are selling. Auction value, selling to a dealer or pawn shop prices are about ½ or less of resale value.

Written by Michelle Staley

Michelle Staley has over 35 years of experience as an antique collector, picker and dealer. She has done hundreds of insurance and IRS appraisals in addition to just satisfying another collector or dealer’s curiosity concerning what an item is, does or its worth. Other experience includes her work as a forensics consultant and in archeological identification and dating.

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