How it Works

How does this work?

Based on the information you provide, including images, Michelle Staley researches the item to give you a range of value for retail, auction and for insurance purposes.

Upload Images and Description

Just submit 3 or more photos of the item you want appraised and all information you have concerning the item, such as where purchased or found, marks of origin on the item and any history, written or verbal, associated with the item.

Putting her knowledge & experience to work

There's no time limit concerning Michelle's research on an item. She will put her best research skills and experience to work to give you the most accurate appraisal possible.

Meet Michelle

Michelle Staley has over 35 years of experience as an antique collector, picker and dealer. She has done hundreds of insurance and IRS appraisals in addition to just satisfying another collector or dealer’s curiosity concerning what an item is, does or its worth. Other experience includes her work as a forensics consultant and in archeological identification and dating.

Michelle writes a monthly column for Discover Vintage America and WorthPoint, and has been cited in national antique and collectible related magazines, price guides, specialized journals and has been featured on KCTV and FOX4TV.

Recent Appraisals


Hello Michelle, Thank you SO much! You are a lifesaver! EM
Good afternoon Michelle, Thank you very much for your help, and your appraisal! I look forward to doing business with you again in the future for more appraisals. Regards, Erika M
Online appraisal through website
Recently we took advantage of Discover Vintage America's offer to bring Michelle Staley, veteran appraiser, to our shop to do an appraisal fair. Our 2-day fair was an educational and entertaining event, and we’re already planning when we’ll schedule the next one. Dealers and customers brought in such a variety of treasures that were fascinating! Michelle was extremely helpful in establishing prices, finding historical links and providing information about all the great items. Thanks for providing such a delightful service! Enchanted Frog Antiques does very little print advertising but we’ve been with Discover for about 17 years. We’re delighted with this new aspect of their services.
Joyce Steinbuch

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